Auto FibonAcci PHEnoMEnon

Welcome and thank you for purchasing the “Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon”. The
“Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon” is a complete trading tool designed primarily to
trade the FOREX markets successfully and consistently.
Important: There are many different Fibonacci indicators which can
be found on the web, but they are all hard to understand and use. All
them only draws common Fibonacci levels. In addition, it is still very
unclear for many traders what Fibonacci retracement, r1, r2 and
other levels are. The main idea of this software is to take away the
decision making process associated with complex Fibonacci principles
and allow you to make guided profitable trades. Our software will
print BUY SELL arrows, popup and email alerts – everything you need
to take advantage of Fibonacci system in automatic way! AFP is a
combination of multiple advanced indicators – ALL in one: Fibonacci
levels + laser accurate trend indicator + + trades commentator. This
software will give you the power of a professional trader and allow
you to magically trade based on Fibonacci levels without learning
complicated Fibo courses and books.
“Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon” is LIKE YOU HAVE A FRIEND –
PROFESSIONAL TRADER, who recommends to you when to trade
and how to trade! Isn’t this every trader’s dream?
The hit rate of the indicator is about 75-85% in most currencies, and higher in the
currency pairs recommended in the next chapters.
The main difference of this software is that the Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon will
NOT generate a lot of signals a day as any traditional Buy/Sell software. Fibo
trading works in a different way – it’s very safe entries.
We advise that you read and make sure you understand the entire system before
putting it into practice. Experiment and gain experience in demo accounts before
trading with your own money. If you find that you need further help or have any
questions, do not hesitate to contact our technical department.
We wish you great trading success,
Karl Dittmann Team

The Fibonacci sequence first appeared as the solution to a problem in the Liber
Abaci, a book written by Leonardo Fibonacci in 1202 to introduce the Hindu-
Arabic numerals used today to a Europe that was still using Roman numerals.
The original problem in the Liber Abaci posed the question: How many pairs of
rabbits can be generated from a single pair, if each month each mature pair
brings forth a new pair, which, from the second month, becomes productive.
The Golden Ratio
After the first few numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, the ratio of any number to
the next higher number is approximately .618, and the lower number is 1.618.
These two figures are the golden mean or the golden ratio.
Its proportions are pleasing to the human senses and it appears throughout
biology, art, music, and architecture. A few examples of natural shapes based on
the Golden Ratio include DNA molecules, sunflowers, snail shells, galaxies, and
Important Retracement Levels
The two Fibonacci percentage retracement levels considered the most important
in trading are 38.2% and 62.8%. Other important retracement percentages
include 75%, 50%, and 33%.
Three Profit Tips for Using Fibonacci Numbers
1. Fibonacci Defines Stop Loss Levels
A trader can use Fibonacci numbers to set stop loss orders.
For instance, if at least three Fibonacci price levels come together in a relatively
tight zone, a stop loss placement just below or above the zone may be set.
A Fibonacci number helps define stops in the following way, if a trader trades
against a support zone, if the support zone is violated and the price trades below
that zone, the reason for the trade is negated and the position should be closed.
Setting stops using Fibonacci retracements takes the emotion out of trading and
gives a pre defined exit point.
2. Fibonacci Defines Position Size
Depending on the risk you are prepared to take per trade, Fibonacci numbers can
also define position size. For instance, if prices are right on a specific level, you
may wish to have more positions than if the price is further away.
3. Fibonacci Defines Objectives
With Fibonacci numbers, once a pattern completes against a Fibonacci price zone
you can use them to set profit objectives to bank partial profits or tighten stop
loss levels. This clear objective for traders helps them to lock in profits. The great
advantage of Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio is the fact that they take the
emotion out of trading and can define not only stop losses to exit a market, but
also set profit objectives as well.
Installing the Software (Indicator)
IMPORTANT: If you don't have MetaTrader ® installed, please download it from
this link:
Follow the instructions and open a demo or real account. We recommend trading
the indicators on a demo account before proceeding to real accounts.
Quick start:
Downloads ( unzip ):
1. autofibophenomenon.ex4 (software indicator)
2. autofibophenomenon.tpl (main mt4 template)
3. afp.pdf (user’s manual )
IMPORTANT: If you don't have MetaTrader ® installed, please download it
from this link:
Follow the instructions and open a demo or real account. We recommend
trading the indicators on demo account before proceeding to real accounts.
 Step 1: Copy indicator file ex4 into your /experts/indicators/ folder. This
folder is in the folder of the MetaTrader trading platform.
If you are using the Interbank FX Trader broker, the folder will be at
C:\Program Files\Interbank FX Trader 4\experts\indicators\
If you are using the Alpari MetaTrader broker, the folder will be at
C:\Program Files\MetaTrader - Alpari\experts\indicators
If you are using the FXDD broker, the folder will be at
C:\Program Files\FXDD – MetaTrader 4\experts\indicators\
If you can't find your /experts/indicators/ folder, please contact our technical
 Step 2 Copy the autofibophenomenon.t pl into your
./experts/templates/ folder
Template step-by-step – ignore this section if you familiar with this and go to------

After you have loaded up all your charts with the relevant templates and time period, in…
the order you want to view them, to ensure that they open like this each time you open the
charting you can create and save a Profile by clicking on File in the top left hand side
:horizontal menu and choosing Profiles and Save As, shown below
;When you click on Save As, it will bring up the following dialogue box

imply then name your . Profile and click OK
Now each time you open your charting it will be as you left it, and the Profile loaded will
:show in the bottom fixed tool bar, as follows

;All indicators required form part of each Chart template, however if needed
You can load an indicator from the Navigator icon in the Standard tool bar, by firstly
clicking on the Navigator icon then double clicking on the indicator you wish to load
.from the Navigator list that is shown
.Pointing to any of the icons with your mouse will bring up a small box telling you what it is
You can alter an indicator’s properties/settings or delete it by right clicking on any part of
a chart and choosing Indicators List in the drop down menu, then double clicking on the
indicator to bring up it’s properties/settings box or single clicking/highlighting it and
.clicking delete to remove it from that chart
There is a video showing to you how to install indicators and templates to your MetaTrader 4 platform
------END of Template help
 Step 3 Open your metatrader 4
 Step 4 Pull a chart for any pair, for example EUR/USD ( 1H )
 Step 5 Now click template icon / load template
and double click on autofibophenomenon Template. DONE!

How it works:
The software will automatically determinate a current trend and print all the
information on your chart – Buy Sell Arrows + Alerts + Levels on your

Current trading opportunity - entry level, stop loss level, 3 take profit levels

When a trend will change – the Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon software will
automatically re-print all the entries, SL, TP for a new trend.
Example as shown on the screenshot above – current trend is UP. If a trend
changes to DOWN trend - the software will automatically re-print new level
for a down trend (SELL opportunity)!
Take profit – level 1 ( normal)
Take profit level 2 – aggressive
Take profit level 3 – high aggressive
Informer: Trend indicator, Trade levels information…
Recommendations: If you are looking for 200+ pips profit a day, it is
recommended to open three or four major currency pair. Then attach the
software to all them and trade on all charts at the same time. This way you will
increase your odds by exposing yourself to more trading opportunities!

Built-in TREND indicator
No more worries how to identify a current trend:

Entering Trades
The Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon © will show you exactly where to enter a trade,
where to exit and where to put a stop loss. These levels are based on Fibonacci
levels and work very well.
The Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon © SELL signal:
When the price reaches the recommended SELL LEVEL printed on your

Make sure that the built-in Trend indicator shows DOWN trend – never
trade against a trend!
The Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon © BUY signal:
When the price reaches the recommended BUY LEVEL printed on your chart:

Make sure that the built-in Trend indicator shows UP trend – never trade
against a trend!
Trading recommendations:
Place a BUY STOP or SELL STOP ( depend of a current trend ) orders
and trade only ONCE when the price crosses BUY ( or sell) level -
very 1st breakout only. If the price continues to move up and down (after
the 1st breakout) around buy (or sell) level - no trades - wait for new trend
change signal.
Sometimes you may notice “Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon” keeps switching
quickly from buy to sell and back - it is a warning signal of a ranging marketstay
away from trading.
Informer and levels
All the numbers can be found in the left top corner of your chart:
Stop Loss
Place your

Stop Loss
Place your stop loss exactly where the software advices you “STOP LOSS LEVEL”

– the price of SL printed in red on your chart . Stop will be calculated and printed
on your chart automatically for each new trade.
IMPORTANT: Set stop loss for all your trades and do not deviate from it. Once
the trade has touched your stop loss be disciplined and close the trade. This will
protect you from major capital losses.
Exiting Trades ( Take Profit )
1. Option I.
Set your own profit target, for example 20 pips per trade and exit all trades as
soon as you reach your profit target – do not wait until the price hits the
indicator’s “profit: level normal”. This is the safest way of trading and reduces
your risk level.
2. Option II
You will receive the automatic Alert Popup – TP1, TP2, TP3…
Exit trades when the price is close or touches the Auto Fibonacci Phenomenon’s
“PROFIT: LEVEL” level (either 1, 2 or 3..). High aggressive level 3 is risky and
should be used by experienced traders only.

Time Frames and Pairs
- Optimized for 1H ( you can try to use it for M30 and 4H
- All major pairs. You may use it for GBP/JPY, EUR/USD, GBP/USD and all
other major pairs. Fibonacci secret works for ANY pair!
You don’t need to change any parameters, everything is already set by Fibonacci
numbers. The only thing you could change – COLORS.
Popup Alerts
You will get an alert every time when the price touches buy or sell level, take
profit 1, 2 or 3 levels

Email Alerts
Email alerts should be activated from your metatrader4 tools menu. You will get
an email everytime when the price touches buy or sell level, take profit 1,2 or 3
levels. This can be enable/disable…

SELL Trade sample screenshot:

Important recommendations:
1. Use the software during ACTIVE market hours only ( UK, US, ASIA sessions –
not on a quit “night” market). The best signals and guaranteed profit – UK, USA
2. Sometimes, when You just load the software, you can get a picture like the
one below (and popup alert on software load). That means that there is a signal
right now! You can still enter a trade! In this case the arrow will not be printed
because this signal was a while ago…

3. Due to some metatrader4 internal bugs – sometime the indicator’s level looks
jammed. (make sure to restart the software – EVERY DAY!) Usually it may
happen if you keep the software running for 1-2 days and do not restart it…
metatrader4 internal buffers getting mixed up… – hopefully it will be fixed in the
further versions on mt4 developers. So don’t forget to restart the software!

Money Management
Money management is a very important concept that has an enormous effect on
drawdowns and margin calls. The cardinal rule of money management is the
You should only risk 1-3% of your account on any single trade. You may
have heard this rule hundred times before, but it is amazing to see how many
good traders fail to comprehend this concept – and don't understand why they
are wiped out again and again, despite great entries and timing of trades.

                                          Karl Dittmann                                                           
                                        February 2012                                                  

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